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phthora Vs. be__the__rain Jul. 14th, 2006 @ 11:00 am

Jet li, Pfft.

Open Directory... There's Zombies on TV Jul. 11th, 2006 @ 10:32 am

- Television - Marquee Moon (reissue)

- The Zombies - Greatest Hits

Download these guys before the link dies...
The Feelies: calmnot really sure
Daily Bread: Tom Waits - Blue Valentines

Wireless Resurrection Jun. 23rd, 2006 @ 08:26 pm
Jesus titty fuckin' christ...my entire, valent, glorious, triumphant, and climactic return entry just got fuckin' deleted cause my computer is a fuckin' computer...fuck. And it was fuckin' good, too.

Anyways, i don't really care anymore, but i'm no longer a pirate...of the internet. Wireless in the homestead. Burglars, come forth. I'll tip my hat and boot your ass.
The Feelies: complacentgood...rea-
Daily Bread: Nightmares In Wax - Birth of a Nation

Semester @ Sea May. 18th, 2006 @ 02:11 pm

The Final Grades

Mass Media and Society: A

Shakespear: B

U.S. History to 1865: B


Vertebrae Zoology: F!!!

Yeah, school rocks!

Song of the Week: Week 4: All The Empire's Calling... May. 11th, 2006 @ 08:33 pm

Suicide never sounded so righteous. And the idea of mass suicide would never be as cool as if this tragic and surreal occurance overtook the whole of our current administration. I never lie.
Black Angels - Empire

Found On:

What the Empire Says:
This is a quicky post, so with that note, here's the list of "like" bands from ArtistDirect.com:
On!Air!Library!; The Black Keys; The Pink Mountaintops; Brakes; Black Mountain; Secret Machines; The Warlocks; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; 13th Floor Elevators; The Velvet Underground; The Jesus and Mary Chain; The Verve; The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
Even though the Secret Machines can suck cock as far as I'm concerned, You Sold yet?...I can't get this song out of my head, and I am only to blame, for contantly keeping this album in spin, revolving track 7 over...and over, again. Much like a psychedelic Joy Division, their debut album from this past month, Passover, more than portrays the lesser enjoyable deeds of living (death, sickness, murder); inevitable topics that many of us helplessly attempt to veer from and avoid, by conforming to the daily regiment of life.

Weekly Inclination:
"School and summer are my favorite contradictions."

let me know if the link is busted...will reload.
The Feelies: bouncyDevious
Daily Bread: Black Angels - Empire
Other entries
» Song of the Week: Week 3: There's Just a Few Like You

I became preoccupied Sunday night, attending a local Poetry Slam, and other stuff...So, I'd like to excuse my tardiness for a belated musical tune this week. But, if it is at all any consultation, this week's song is truly grand.
Iggy Pop - Fall In Love With Me

Found On:

Lyrical Preoral Verberation:
There are many men who may relate to Iggy's ideations. I, for one, can vouch for myself in seeing and knowing such a desire the speaker reflects. The speaker is older than that which he desires, and seems to possess a regretful past that denies him any chance of wooing this supreme being. I regret little, and though, sing for the same. And, as we find and agree, they are all rare, indeed; and with this knowledge it is known, when one shall cross your path, to hold on to her, like a canteen when the sun is high and only rolling sand fills your eyes. Or, maybe that's just me.

Weekly Inclination:
“I keep having scary dreams about spiders…”

(let me know if the links are busted...I'll reload.)

» What?...Killer NEXT, did you say??...
FOR phthora::: NEXT.

"The best and most realistic historicaal novel about war I have every read."
-General H. Norman Schwaarzkopf

"I couldn't conceal the excitement any longer, and seemed forced, lets say by a higher power, to search for answers elsewhere."
-Be The Rain

» Song Of The Week: Week 2: One Song, Two Artists

With this theme I began last week, I hoped to post songs that many may not be familiar with; so, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking if I were thinking as if I were you, you’re thinking: Bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (alternate take)

Found On:

The 13th Floor Elevators – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Found On:

Now, let me defend myself:
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue has been in heavy rotation the past few weeks, deeming it worthy of a weekly spot. One of my favorite artists, whom I place higher than Bob Dylan, is Roky Erickson, who’s most often discussed in association with his acidic 60’s band, The 13th Floor Elevators. The version of Bob Dylan’s song I’ve offered is an alternate take from the original, which I consider superior to the original, with a faster tempo and greater vocal variation. The extended, The 13th Floor Elevators cover, is lighter and softer than Dylan’s original, denser with a double layering of acid-ballad guitars, which is infused perfectly to match Roky Erickson’s early, deeper Neil Youngish vocals. Harmonica, or, acid; take your pick.

Weekly Inclination:
“Sleep is for the weak, and I’ve been really fuckin' strong.”
Sub Note:
Tomorrow!...Monday, April 24th, Bible Of The Devil, Zombeast, The Nerds; Club 111 (if it’s still called that)…should be awesome, so here’s a track I selected from Bible Of The Devil’s 2002 album, Firewater At My Command:
Bible Of The Devil - King of the Britians

(let me know if links are busted...)

» uh...
This morning, an older African American fellow pulled out of this beat-up old church by my house and honked at me as I was strutting to class in my 70's getup; dark blue leisure pants, my, 'The Kiss,' Todd Rundgren button-up, and my fully collared leather jacket (and Converse Weapons). I looked up, as this guy was taking his car out of reverse. His hand was raised still, and he had a sadistic smile across his mug, as if he wished he knew me better. I'm wearing my hair down today, and as a result, I've concluded that I think he thought I was Jesus...this is all.
» Song Of The Week...

I've started a new theme.

Lately, I've been listening to certain songs for an extended period of time. No doubt, I've been thinking of supplying readers with musical fancies that have filled my days as of late, but have not until now followed this feat. And with this, I present my first offering, if you are so inclined to 'click', then I shall nod.

Cat Stevens - Trouble

I thought it only appropriate to start with the artist I most attribute within myself; Cat Stevens.
I've grown quite fond of this tune, in waves the past few years with the tide rising and falling, and if you are one who has not experienced the film Harold and Maude, I only lower my head to you and offer my chair.

Weekly Inclination:
"Someone drown me in liquor, so I can forget, forever."

The Rules:
I'll attempt to post a song per week, which will be available for seven days (hence, week).

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